Psychology has almost continuously occupied my daylight hours since beginning my degree in the subject in 1996, on the understanding that it was a discipline about and for people.

Since then, I have taken a tour around a fair few of its neighbourhoods: social cognition, the evolution of communicative frameworks, evolutionary psychology tout court, ecological memory, the subjective experience of time elapsed, cognitive neuropsychology, brain changes through chronic illness, psychogenia and suggestion, personality constructs, motivation and other areas of interest.

Currently I work as an occupational psychologist, an arena where the individual mind meets the social realm and the shaping force of organisations and tasks. It’s heady, exciting stuff! Areas which particularly excite me include employee engagement, leadership, validity of assessment methods, and aging and the workforce.

I began psychology wanting to think and talk about people, only to find myself discovering the richness of looking deeply into the mind, carved into cognitive functions and emotional centres, and the brain, layers, bunches and balls of information processing. Yet where I stand now is back with people again – with a view much improved from the journey on the way.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Hey Alex,
    I’m impressed by the way you’ve got as far as the description of the blog but no content yet. Just thought I’d drop by and offer some motivation!

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