Understanding People – Statement of Intent

I’ll be intending to cover a range of topics in this weblog, as befits my background and range of interests. These will probably change as other interesting questions arise from the murk – or better yet, from your comments here. To kick things off, here are some areas I will attempt to explore:

  • What personal attributes matter in contribution and behaviour at work? To what degree do we, and should we, investigate these? What is the best approach to doing so?
  • What effect does aging have on the brain? The mind? Motivation and Personality? And why does this matter to all of us? (Hint: look at the demographic trends.)
  • How do we relate to the organisations that pay us? How do they relate to us? What regulates this relationship, and how do parties acknowledge and hold one another to this?

Again, I would love to hear what you are interested in talking about, so drop a comment or email me at the address below.untitled.png


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